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We photograph child actors and model portfolios for children over the age of 5 years. We will demonstrate every pose first for your child and we will take all the time needed to get the photograph just right. We know this is likely to be the first time your child will be in front of a professional camera, other than a family portrait. They will most likely be uncertain about posing, and that is our job to make sure they are comfortable and not left stressed and not knowing what to do.

Parents are welcome in the studio with the children. We will discuss outfits on the phone before the session and we will make sure that your child's photographs meet all the needs of a good portfolio. For children over the age of 16 you will find more relevant material on our adults actors and models pages.




Our Process

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Complimentary Consultation


This will give us a chance to get to know you better, answer any questions you might have, and plan out your child's dance experience.

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Your Photography Experience


GET ready to be fussed over and styled for your perfect photography experience, where we will patiently guide you through every pose. 

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Reveal & Ordering


We show your photos right after your photography experience. You’ll get to look through the photos and order the ones you love! 





Choose us

• We know you want amazing photographs for your child actors or model portfolio, and we know how to pose and style all ages and body types to get the best results. 

• We will use both natural light and flash to achieve different looks for your portfolio.

• We know you will be nervous and it is our job to sooth those nerves and help you to relax. We are very good at that.

• We help you with every pose. You will not be left wondering what to do or where to look.

• An experience with us will help to boost self esteem and confidence.

• We have a professional hair & makeup option available for older girls if needed.

• We are a husband and wife team and we work together seamlessly so that your session is the best it can possibly be.

• With 14+ years of experience - WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING!

• Our home studio is private with no interruptions. You will feel at home. More like visiting a friend.

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001 child photography

Actors portfolio for Georgie

You have given us much joy!

I wanted to thank you so much for giving Georgie such an amazing experience! Apart from making us incredibly proud of how well she handled the shoot, you also gave us the joy of looking at her photos, that capture the intensity of her little spirit.

However more importantly, you did something even larger than our joy and pride.

You both created an opportunity for Georgie to see herself in a different way. Georgie has always had lots of comments about her looks- and we’ve always told her beauty on the outside is nothing if you’re not beautiful on the inside! Georgie has known that she has a kind heart & earns lots of praise from teachers and coaches for her compassion, kindness and ability to make other people feel valued and important.

What Mark & I didn’t realise is that she didn’t ‘know’ she was beautiful on the outside as well. She looked at those photos in awe and said,” I am beautiful – I didn’t think I was – but I am! ”

 You were both exceptional at making us all feel comfortable with the whole process. You given us much joy.

Jac Whitford

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Actors portfolio for Jake

My 5 year old son had a ball!

My 5 year old son had a ball and was made to feel so comfortable and relaxed and we got some great photos. Thank you.

Leanne Knight Cockburn

004 dancers photography

Dance portfolio for Annika

"Exceptional, perfection & stunning!

There are a few words that come to mind when talking about your work - exceptional, perfection & stunning. Your dedication & commitment when working with Annika was outstanding. Watching the creativity was magic.

Not only did you work with Annie but you listened to her, encouraged & pushed her to get the most amazing photos! You put Annie at ease & made her feel comfortable to express herself. We were BLOWN AWAY with the end result!!! Thank you!!!

Annie & Jen Cassin


Actors portfolio for Kiara

I just love your photos Dean!

Thank you Karen, and thank you to Dean & Carla also – you’re a formidable team.

Thank you for welcoming Kiara and I to your home and studio and for producing such stunning and edgy photos – we are so happy with them. We will highly recommend you and your team to everyone and anyone.

I just love your photos Dean – ‘you don’t take a photograph, you make it’, thank you for making something special for Kiara.

Karen thanks for giving some valuable feedback to Kiara to look at magazines and to keep practicing posing. 

We hope to return to you in the future to create more special moments.


Meet Karen & Dean

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Karen will be your personal assistant & hostess and will make sure everything runs to smoothly for you.
Dean is your talented photographer, adviser & image retoucher.
Sammie is your emotional support & will relax you as she snores away in the corner of the studio.

We are full time photographers located in beautiful Bulimba, inner south Brisbane, QLD. We have been producing elegant and tasteful portraits since 2009, and we absolutely love what we do. Our mission is to help all women to find their confidence and to learn to love their curves and discover just how beautiful they truly are. 

Our focus in every session is to get you relaxed and enjoying your session for the very best results possible. Our goal is to craft images that will make you feel absolutely AMAZING. You will be guided every step of the way in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a massive smile (and the odd happy tear), when a client sees their photos for the first time and to be part of a process that allows them to feel more positive, empowered & confident.

Dean Agar Photography

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