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The hardest part was choosing the photos!

We are returning customers, having had our daughter photographed some years ago. Now that she is sprouting into a beautiful young lady, we didn't hesitate to book again!

Karen is a delight to deal with, always accommodating and organised. Dean's talent speaks for itself! With lots of Collaborative ideas and with their fine attention to detail, the end result is incredible!

The hardest part was having to choose which photos to pick as they all looked fantastic! My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the whole process!

Melissa Becker

001 child photography

You have given us much joy!

I wanted to thank you so much for giving Georgie such an amazing experience! Apart from making us incredibly proud of how well she handled the shoot, you also gave us the joy of looking at her photos, that capture the intensity of her little spirit.

However more importantly, you did something even larger than our joy and pride. You both created an opportunity for Georgie to see herself in a different way. Georgie has always had lots of comments about her looks- and we’ve always told her beauty on the outside is nothing if you’re not beautiful on the inside! Georgie has known that she has a kind heart & earns lots of praise from teachers and coaches for her compassion, kindness and ability to make other people feel valued and important. What Mark & I didn’t realise is that she didn’t ‘know’ she was beautiful on the outside as well. She looked at those photos in awe and said,” I am beautiful – I didn’t think I was – but I am! ”

 You were both exceptional at making us all feel comfortable with the whole process. You given us much joy. 

Jac Whiteford

013 pinup photography

One of the best things I have ever done for myself!

I can’t stop thinking about Saturday. I had such a great time, and I know I was INCREDIBLY nervous at first, but it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

I would LOVE to do it again! I can’t wait to be pregnant just so I can come back and get maternity photos done lol. You guys were just wonderful, you made me feel comfortable, and you were professional and helpful, and I just could not be happier with the results. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Stephanie Jose

002 alt 1 1

She looked and felt absolutely beautiful!

Thank you very much for a very professional photography session. Danielle loved having her makeup done and dressing up in the Steampunk outfits. She looked and felt absolutely beautiful.

Dean produced some very high quality photographs and Karen's attention to detail was amazing as not a hair was out of place. It was a morning well spent and I would highly recommend Dean Agar Photography.

Alison Woodcock

005 colour

My Photos are absolutely stunning!

I had a Boudoir/nude shoot with Dean and his wife Karen and they were truely amazing! I felt so comfortable and they helped keep me relaxed throughout the whole session. I highly recommend booking a shoot with Dean and you won’t be disappointed. His talent is beyond words and both Dean and Karen are highly professional especially when you’re wearing nothing but a smile! 

My photos are absolutely stunning and I’m so in love with the end result and I can’t wait to book my next shoot with Dean Agar.

Jacqui Burrows

0008 colour

Once my partner got a hold of the prints, he hasn't left me alone since!

Karen called me within a day of enquiring about a session with Dean, and booked a time that suited me. On arrival I was straight into hair makeup with the very very talented Carla Zakrzewski and talked about what I wanted out of the shoot.

Everyone was chatty friendly and open to my ideas. Both Karen and Dean were very professional and great at making me feel comfortable, I think we even had a chat about the GFC whilst I was posing in lingerie which surprisingly didn't even seem weird haha.

After the shoot it was a very simple selection process, Dean has great skills in colour, Photoshop and bringing the most out in a photograph. My prints arrived in a beautiful box within the week and they looked so amazing, and once my partner got a hold of them let's just say he hasn't left me alone since.

Peta Lloyd-Harris

Very friendly and lovely photos!

Very friendly and lovely photos. Advised us of all the information regarding the shoot, costs etc in advance.

0002 bw

My photos are just beautiful!

I picked my photos up from the post office yesterday afternoon. They are just beautiful. Many thanks to you both for a wonderful experience.

I must also thank your makeup artist/stylist for being so friendly and welcoming. Not to mention what an awesome result she achieved for me. I am sure I will treasure these photos for a long time to come.

Thank you also for the voucher for referring a friend. I would recommend this experience for anyone.

Cheryl Jenkin

046 model folio photography

An amazing confidence boost!

Dean and Karen are amazing, they're so easy to work with and always make you feel at ease even when you are completely naked standing under big lights. I HIGHLY recommend them to any one looking for not only beautiful photos but an amazing confidence boost.

Jessica McGuinness

001 colour

The photographs are absolutely stunning!

I am not one who loves the camera. In fact, I really don't like having my photo taken at all. So, it was with great anxiety that I rang Dean and Karen (who came highly recommended from a friend) to have some promotional images taken for some upcoming work. Karen was lovely on the phone, covering all the details I needed to know from price to clothing selections for the shots. When I mentioned our sweet, blind mini Pomeranian who generally comes with us everywhere, Karen insisted I bring her along.

Upon arrival, my make-up and hair was professionally styled - it was so lovely to just sit back and be pampered while we chatted with Dean.  I felt so much more relaxed and even when it came to having my photo taken, he made me laugh and chose poses that felt natural, not forced or fake. The resulting images were so good that I couldn't chose just the one and I left happily with several images to use on promotional work and the inevitable social media platforms.  In fact, I often get the nicest compliments and no longer feel anxious when asked to provide an image for marketing purposes.

The entire experience felt like I was visiting friends, not going to a stuffy, uncomfortable photo shoot. Highly Recommended - if only I could give more Stars!

Kim Fernandez

007 colour

The most beautiful maternity photos we could have ever hoped for!

Thank you Dean and Karen for an amazing maternity shoot, you made me feel so comfortable and encouraged me to be brave to get the most beautiful photos we could have ever hoped for… can’t wait to see the finished product it was an experience we will never forget from the make up to the conversations to the shooting made for a truly memorable day.

Nikita and Kyle


The results are amazing!

Thanks Dean & Karen for the great photos , it was a lot of fun and the results amazing x 

Trin Forster

Highly professional, patient, welcoming & friendly!

We would highly recommend Dean and Karen. They are highly professional, patient, welcoming and so friendly. Karen is an amazing person, she was so lovely on the phone that I couldn’t wait to meet her in person.

My kids are looking forward to another shoot and especially to meet the lovely Sammy.

Lois Omovie

0009 alt 3

What a great experience .... The photos are beautiful!

What a great experience!! My daughters and I had a great day with Karen and Dean. They both make you feel very comfortable …we enjoyed it very much!!

Highly recommend Dean and Karen…The photos are beautiful…A big thanks to both of you!

Leanne Thomson

001 colour

My 5 year old son had a ball!

My 5 year old son had a ball and was made to feel so comfortable and relaxed and we got some great photos. Thank you.

Leanne Knight Cockburn

Moon clock

You managed to capture her personality really well!

Thank-you they are truly amazing, Keeley loved having the photo's done with you both in a theme she loves she said you made it easy and relaxing for her. I have shown a couple of people the photo's and they have stated that you have managed to capture her personality really well.

Thank-you both again we love them.

Tabitha & Keeley

020 couples photography

We both love the photos so much!

Thank you so much Dean and Karen it was a wonderful experience and you both made us so welcome in your relaxed atmosphere.

We both love the photos so much we will be back again.
We’ll recommend you to all our friends and family.

Irma & Andrew

007 alt 1 1

I was made to feel beautiful & Amazing!

I would sincerely like to thank Karen and Dean for the beautiful photo shoot I attended for mine and my husband's anniversary. I have never had make up and hair done before so I was very much out of my comfort zone, to say that I was nervous would be quite an understatement. As soon as I walked in to their beautiful home I was made to feel warm, welcome and comfortable.

I should explain, body image is something that I had struggled now being a size 16, I was very conscious on how I would look or even if it would be something that my husband would like, given that I had lost a lot of weight but still wear the marks of my heavier days. However to my surprise this was nothing I needed to be worried about.

It Didn't matter what size I was. I was made to feel beautiful and amazing. Dean and Karen from Dean Agar photography are both talented, exceptional and warm inviting professionals that made me feel beautiful for the first time in a very long time. There was no judgements or snickering which was what I was used to.

The photos turned out better than I could've ever expected and delivered in such a quick turnaround time that I cannot recommend them highly enough. Complete five star rating from me. Thank you so much. 

Monique Johnstone

002 alt 1

I love my maternity photos!

 I love my maternity shoot photos which at the time I was unsure about getting but so glad I did! Dean & Karen were also fabulous with my 3yo and got some amazing photos of her which we will treasure forever!

Lovely to work with and some good chat and banter.

Kiara Coatalen

011 princess photography

Absolutely loved the photos we got of our girl!

Absolutely loved the photos we got of our girl, our daughter is really shy and I was worried about how she would go.  Dean and Karen were great they made her feel so comfortable and by the end of her session she was so confident and happy with her pictures. Thank you

Ang Fredericks

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My expectations were exceeded!

I am still living my experience as my pictures start to surface after the incredible day we had taking them.

I'm quite overwhelmed at how my expectations were exceeded .... at how relaxed I was through the whole experience... and at how much faith and trust I felt I could reliably place in Dean and Karen.

At 51 years this was a personal great moment for me.... I felt incredible and I have superb artistic photos that I will treasure. I'm a happy girl!

Jenny Back

071 family photography

My photos are simply breathtaking!

Both of my experiences with Dean & Karen were amazing! My photos are simply breathtaking.

Lesley Russell

003 alt 1 1

I dropped a few tears & was amazed at the final result!

I want to thank you both for hosting my wife for her shoot and making her feel amazing!! She has come home full of excitement about the day.

Her confidence is through the roof and that is awesome. You guys are the best. 

UPDATE: Got the finished product.......WOW! Its all I can say, my wife looks amazing day to day but I wasn't expecting pictures of an angel. 

I dropped a few tears and was amazed at the final result.....Dean and Karen you both are AMAZING!!!

Tom Hosier

003 alt 1

The photographs are absolutely stunning!

My Fiance and I did a maternity photo session. It was a great experience!
Dean and Karen are both very professional and talented. Even if we were feeling nervous at the beginning, they succeeded to make us feel comfortable. Moreover, the photographs are absolutely stunning!

So Lene

Had an amazing experience!

Had an amazing experience with Dean Agar Photography. Karen & Dean helped us get some beautiful photos that will be treasured in the future.

Love their steampunk & CGI themes, especially if you have a teenager who doesn't want to smile for photos. Book again for more of the Family to be done.

Jenny Dobson

Very friendly & lovely photos!

Very friendly and lovely photos. Advised us of all the information regarding the shoot, costs etc in advance.

Janelle Branch

004 dancers photography

Exceptional, perfection & stunning!

There are a few words that come to mind when talking about your work - exceptional, perfection & stunning.

Your dedication & commitment when working with Annika was outstanding. Watching the creativity was magic.

Not only did you work with Annie but you listened to her, encouraged & pushed her to get the most amazing photos! You put Annie at ease & made her feel comfortable to express herself.

We were BLOWN AWAY with the end result!!! Thank you!!!

Annie & Jen Cassin


I just love your photos Dean – ‘you don’t take a photograph, you make it’!

Thank you Karen, and thank you to Dean & Carla also – you’re a formidable team.

Thank you for welcoming Kiara and I to your home and studio and for producing such stunning and edgy photos – we are so happy with them. We will highly recommend you and your team to everyone and anyone.

I just love your photos Dean – ‘you don’t take a photograph, you make it’, thank you for making something special for Kiara.

Karen thanks for giving some valuable feedback to Kiara to look at magazines and to keep practicing posing. 

We hope to return to you in the future to create more special moments


021 steampunk photography

Truly magical!

Truly magical! So much imagination, dedication, skill & talent in this studio! Costumes & props were super cool! & seeing the digital creations is so exciting! Everyone needs to experience this! Would be the best gift too

Tracey Garrett

002 fitness photography

I can now confidently present my brand online!

Dean and Karen are true professionals in their discipline. Dean is not only an excellent photographer but he knows how to bring to life the best in people when they are in front of a camera. This is what makes him a talented photographer.

Karen is a perfectionist and compliments their team by paying great attention to detail. She ensured that my clothing sat in the correct place for my corporate photos and that I was well oiled and watered for my fitness photos.

The proof of their talents is demonstrated in the photos that they took. Pictures speak more than one thousand words and this is evident in the quality of my photo portfolio that was chosen. I am happy to say that I feel that this was money well spent and through this newly created portfolio, I can now confidently present myself and “my brand” online.

Alex Verghis


I could have bought practically every photo taken!

I had been thinking about getting a glamorous photo shoot done for several years now, but I was lacking motivation as so many glamour shoots look the same with that overly photoshopped finish. 

Everything was perfect from the get-go; my makeup and hair were exactly what I wanted. We started off with a bikini shot and as another client has said, I don’t think Dean even noticed I wasn’t wearing many clothes as he was so busy making sure each picture was perfect.

The photos were simply stunning. I could have bought practically every photo that he took. It was so much of a challenge to get my final list down to six that I had to get extras!

My advice to people thinking about this kind of shoot is to bite the bullet and just book it!! You won’t regret it as it’s fabulous for your confidence, and I’ll have these photos forever to look back on when I’m wrinkly! Thank you so much Dean and Karen.

Libby Murray

063 steampunk photography

My 3 girls loved every moment of their Steampunk experience!

Thank you so much for today, my 3 girls loved every moment of their Steampunk session. Dean and Karen it was wonderful to watch such a professional team with attention to the smallest of details. Honestly felt like I knew you both for years and we weren’t there for a photo shoot but rather friends meeting to eat cheese and share some wine.
Can not wait to see the magic you two create.

Kerrie Tully

002 alt 3

Made me feel beautiful in my own skin!

 I have had 2 photo shoots with Dean and Karen. I have had photo shoots in the past where I haven’t felt comfortable with the photographer or liked the photos.

But with Dean and Karen, they made me feel super comfortable, offered great conversations and laughs, made me feel beautiful in my own skin and I absolutely love the end product.
I highly recommend these guys and would give them 100 star rating if I could.

Tanya Ward


I have felt a little sexier ever since!

Just wanted to say a big thank you!! The photo’s arrived so beautifully presented. I am extremely pleased with everything and the whole experience from start to end.

I was warmly invited in by Karen and introduced to Carla, my makeup artist, and then the Magic began!!! Most women believe that their wedding day is their one time to really shine, but Carla topped that moment by far with her perfect application of make up and hair styling.

When I looked in the mirror at her work I was so impressed with my reflection! Wow. I took a deep breath and thought I can do this I can pull off Sexy.

Then it was all up to Dean and Karen to perform the next miracle, Of course after child birth things aren’t as we would like, But I felt extremely comfortable with the guidance and body placement and positioning help from Karen & eye for detail from Dean it all happened we did it.

Beautiful Sexy pictures were created!! Then the hard part picking the favourite pictures, I honestly didn’t think it would be possible to capture so many great shots!

So after the photos were picked I left feeling very excited and pleased what a buzz. Driving home having a little peek in the rear view mirror every now and again admiring the sexy face in the mirror.

I did it, I was sexy for a day! actually 4 days the lashes and hair stayed in so well. Yay.

I have felt a little sexier ever since.

And I am so pleased that it has been captured in a photo to keep forever to prove that sexy is possible. My husband loves them and have had so many compliments on FB which has been such a confidence booster.

I honestly believe that every woman should treat herself to a boudoir experience. 

Sara Keep

020 headshot photography

Quality studio portraits!

Quality studio portraits every day of the week, literally. I needed some new images for my website and the team were happy to work around my busy schedule.

Destin Sparks

The images were stunning!

A wonderful team dynamic between these two! Our daughter loved her experience and the images that came out of it were stunning. Dean's attention to detail and Karen's hands on assisting are phenomenal - highly recommend!

Leanne Twomey


So much fun for kids & adults!

Thanks Karen, these are fab!  Such a fun pic for the kids (and grown ups)!  I've already referred an ice skater friend of Antonia's.

Carol Jell

We love them!

Thank you Dean and Karen, these images are just so fantastic, we love them! Thank you for making the boys feel so comfortable and for making it so exciting for them.

We will treasure these images for many years to come.

Sarah Thackray

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