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Fantasy Car Experience

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We have a special offer just for kids & adults who love performance cars.

COMPLIMENTARY photography session plus $100 to spend on prints.



Your child will love our Kids and Cars photography experience. This experience is for girls and boys over the age of 7 years. We have a great range of cars available for your child to choose their favourites. From Supercars, Formula 1, Sports cars and American Muscle cars. We also provide racing suits to fit sizes 7 years to 18 years. Just do their hair and bring in some black shoes. If they would like to choose the American muscle cars we have white T Shirts for all sizes, so just bring their own jeans. If you own a leather jacket, bring that too.



• Racing suits to fit 7 years and over supplied.

• Hair & makeup available for teen girls.

• Siblings, friends, family all welcome.

• Weekends & school holiday sessions available.

• AfterPay + in-house interest free plans.

• Racing Suits fit age 7 years and over (5 & 6 yrs are welcome with their own outfits).

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Add some classic portraits while you are with us.

Why not add some classic portraiture while you are with us. You are also welcome to include the whole family.

035 child photography
031 family photography
090 child photography

Parents are welcome to be in the session at all times and we take the time needed to ensure that we get the very best results possible for your child. Our Kids and cars photography experience will be a lot of fun and will give your child a great self esteem boost. They will feel very special and you will all love the final images. The sessions are complimentary so there is no risk to you. 

Girls are welcome too. This Kids and cars experience is not just for boys. Girls are welcome to use our dresses or overalls, or bring in their own outfits for the experience.


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The cars themselves and the backgrounds are all CGI (computer generated imagery). We have designed and built the scenes ourselves so they are available only with us. Your child will choose their favourite scenes and car. They will put on the overalls or the outfit to suit the scene and we will photograph them in the right pose on green screen. We will take a range of photos with different poses and facial expressions. We will go thought the images right after your session where you will choose the final photos that you wish to have processed and edited.

Dean will cut your child out from the green screen and he will expertly photoshop your child into their chosen scene, adding shadows and finishing touches to make the image absolutely awesome. Your child will love to have a photo of him or herself hanging on their wall with their dream car and the entire family will enjoy the images also. A kids and cars photography experience is fun and the images are truly unique and wall worthy.

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