July 6

Steampunk Photos – Our new CGI sets

By Dean Agar Photography

July 6, 2021

If you love Steampunk photos you will absolutely love our STEAMPUNK PHOTOGRAPHY experience. Lose yourself in an exciting bygone era and dress up ‘Steampunk’ style. 

That’s why we are so excited to share our new CGI steampunk sets with you. Be photographed in our unique, custom designed, steampunk town or fly our Steampunk Airship. The imagination was ours . . . . The experience is yours!

Simply decide which scene you love and you will be photographed especially for that scene. Choose your favourite outfit, dress up and have fun. We will photograph you and you will choose the one you love for your scene. You will then be cut out and expertly photoshopped into your chosen scene. These unique and fun sessions are for 11yrs to adult, girls, boys, men & women. Siblings, couples and best friends are all welcome. We have costumes, props and accessories for small teen to XXL adults. Just BYO boots. We will sort out the rest for you.

Our Steampunk experience is a lot of fun and you will have amazing Steampunk photos to remember the experience and, to display in your home. Unique artwork that you will not find anywhere else, and, what makes it even more exiting and unique? You! A fun and unique scene feature YOU! The only thing better is to include a loved one or friend and have double the fun.


“Steampunk is a retrofuturistic subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. … such technologies may include fictional machines like those found in the works of h. G. Wells and Jules Verne.”

Use this link to see our Steampunk Gallery.

See our progression videos below to show you how we have created our 3D CGI scenes as well as a range of 2D background scenes.



Steampunk violin This is what Tabitha had to say about her daughter Keeley’s Steampunk experience with us.

“Thank-you they are truly amazing, Keeley loved having the photo’s done with you both, in a theme she loves. She said you made it easy and relaxing for her. I have shown a couple of people the photo’s and they have stated that you have managed to capture her personality really well.

Thank-you both again we love them.”


Tabitha & Keeley


If you would like more information on a Steampunk experience with us please call Karen on 0402 230 669 or use the form below to contact us.


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